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20 watt UVB lamp for Psoriasis Eczema Acne Alopecia Osteoporosis

20 watt UVB lamp for Psoriasis Eczema Acne Alopecia Osteoporosis

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Older fluorescent UVB lamps, could not generate the specific wavelength, that generates Vitamin D3, of 297 nanometer.

Philips developed a type of fluorescent lamp that generated 312 nanometers, and is called Narrowband UVB.

They manufacture a small 9 watt lamp model  PLS-9W/01 and 6 inch long 100 watt lamp model TL100W/01.

Many of these lamps are sold for home use, and there are many clinics that treat with these lamps, in a treatment called "Phototherapy". 

The improvement in LED lamps enables the production of lamps with any wanted wavelength.

The lamp in this sale includes 20 small LED emitters, each 1 watt, with a wavelength of 297 nanometer. This wavelength increases the Vitamin D3 with a dose that is much lower than the Philips narrowband UVB fluorescent lamps.

Because of the low dose, the treatment time is reduced from 10 minues to 10 seconds, and the skin does not need to become pink in order to heal.

The increase in Vitamin D3 heals Psoriasis, Eczema, (Atopic dermatitis), dementia, Acne, osteoporosis, makes the nails, bones ,hair and teeth stronger.

The effect is shown very fast.

To use the lamp you need to place it 1 inch from the skin and travel along the skin, staying on each area of 2 square inch for 10 seconds.

To treat the whole body, set the timer to 600 seconds and scan the skin slowly.

Do not treat the skin with the disease, since it can cause problems. 

The light does not heal the affected skin directly, but it increases the Vitamin D3 in the blood, and this makes the immune system stronger, and the body fights the cause of the problem.

After one month, if you will not get a medical improvement, you will be able to return the lamp.

You will get a refund less my shipping cost.

You will need to pay the return shipping.

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